We help Iowa landlords with evictions.

If you are a landlord, here are three options for you:

  1. We have complete turn-key service starting at $1,045 and typically $1,990. We collect some information from you and then do the rest. If you want help, here’s the information we need to get started. Fill out this form to have us do your eviction.
  2. We can offer custom solutions for landlords that can serve the papers properly but need someone to go to court. This service starts at $1,045. Schedule an appointment for custom options with us to talk about your needs.
  3. We have a new class that includes step-by-step instructions and all the papers and forms you need. This is currently in beta, if you want to be one of our beta testers, use the form below.

Online Eviction Class

Our online eviction class is a recorded, self-paced course that you can watch whenever you want. It includes 1-2 hours of video, downloadable copies of the forms you need, and step-by-step instructions through the whole process.

Pricing – Early Access for $490

Early Access pricing is$490 to take the class and you get future access so you can re-watch it as needed. In fact, we’ll keep updating it with new FAQ content and forms to make sure it stays relevant.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you take the class and do not think you can do your eviction on your own, apply the full purchase price towards having us do the eviction for you.

Sign Up

Early Access will be available in late December, full release in early January. Early Access customers: We’ll ask you for feedback to help make the content more clear and useful. We’ll also ask you for your questions that need answered in the course.

Eviction Class Signup

Beta will be available in late December and will be fully ready in early January

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