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  • LLC, Corporation, or something else?
  • What insurance should you consider?
  • Which taxes should I be aware of?
  • How to register with the federal and state agencies?
  • Should I get investors and what are my financing options?
  • Do I need a license to run my business?
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Common Questions

I will answer your questions about launching your business, then create the necessary legal documents you’ll need to create your business. I’ll file these with the government, help you register a tax ID, and give you the necessary forms you’ll need to operate your business legally and effectively. I’ll also help you learn about some of the free or low-cost tools other small businesses use to run their operations. Lastly, I’ll help you create a plan for staying compliant with the legal best practices. If you need suggestions on other business advisors, such as an accountant or insurance agent, I can recommend people I trust as well.

The legal work doesn’t take long. Some clients come in with most of the information and decisions made. In these cases, it may take only one or two days. However, it is common for new business-owners to need a little time to make decisions. Also, some business-types require more planning, for example businesses with multiple owners or with investors. I’ll help you, whether it takes a day or a month.

Easy: Deciding what to name it. I cannot help with this part except to tell you what the legal requirements are and to help make sure the name isn’t taken.

The most common additional cost is creating custom contracts for your business. I offer flat-rate pricing on the most common contracts, but some businesses that have special liability risks or special customer-service requirements need customized agreements made. Another common cost is creating additional documents to file with the government, for example converting a business from one form to another. Lastly, some businesses need help filing copyrights or trademarks, which is an additional cost.

This is no problem. I’ll give you the necessary forms you’ll need when hiring and show you where to file the forms with the government. I can also tell you about some software tools that small businesses use to make managing payroll easier. Some information about employees will need the help of a tax professional. I can also help you know when you’ll need to talk to a CPA and can even suggest CPAs I’ve worked with.

Whatever Your Business, I Can Help

My dream is to help small businesses, startups, shopkeepers, and entrepreneurs just like you. Let’s work together to answer your business & legal questions.

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