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Today’s businesses spend incredible effort getting their name out. It takes time, money, and a lot of work to get listed on search engines, build positive reviews, and to be known in the community. But overnight, your brand’s reputation can be ruined. Our legal team will help you protect your name, your website content, and your professional material from unauthorized use.

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What to Expect

You get personalized help ​

Bring your trademark and copyright questions. It starts with a conversation about your goals. We’ll take the time to understand your concerns and then help you make a plan for your business.

We usually start with an advanced search. This is way more than a Google web search and more than a search of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office site (aka “Tess”). We’ll find similar results that could cause problems, previously rejected applications, and more, so that you get the maximum protection.

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Trademark Pricing

We love clear and simple pricing. Protecting your trademark can be a complex process, but many of our clients use the following pricing:

  • Advanced search and report: $500 (one time fee)
  • Application and Registration Package $2,300 (includes filing fees for a single class single mark)
  • One of our ongoing monitoring and maintenance packages starting at $95/mo

Copyright Pricing

Copyright services are highly customized depending on your needs. We can help you protect graphical art, written works, music, computer software and more.

  • Registration by an attorney typically costs $500-700 per project (all inclusive)
  • However, the Copyright office offers a variety of services ranging from $65 to $500 for just the filing fee
  • We’ll help you understand the pricing before we start

We’re Ready to Help

Schedule an appointment to meet and bring your questions, concerns and your to-do list.

Common Questions

Not every business is eligible for a trademark and not every business needs a trademark. If your business has a descriptive name (Mike’s Lawn Care, Denny’s Restaurant) the USPTO will reject an application for a trademark. If your business is highly localized, you may not get much value out of a trademark registration.

You are likely to benefit from a trademark registration If you:

  • Have a distinctive name
  • Do business in multiple cities, states, or nationwide
  • Sell on Amazon
  • Invest heavily in an online presence or search engine optimization
  • Are about to make a big investment in your brand

Absolutely yes. We will not do a trademark registration if we have not done a proper trademark search. It is far cheaper and faster to find out about a problem within days by doing an advanced search rather than waiting many months to hear back from the USPTO. The USPTO does not do a simple Google search because trademark protections are stronger than just an exact match. For example, Cuts, Kuts, Cutz, Quuts could all trigger a match as being confusingly similar, but would not show up in a standard search.

It varies, but a year is not unusual.

You need a monitoring solution of some type and our monitoring packages are affordable and provide small business owners many additional benefits, including regular check-ins to assess the health of your business. If you do not protect your trademark then you may lose the ability to enforce it. Our monitoring service will notify you if someone starts to use your name or tries to file a trademark application on a name that is similar.

We will help you asses the right type of protection for your copyright. We’ll help you register it, if appropriate. We can also help you with licensing your copyright-protected material, for example if you want to charge others to use it. We can also help you transfer or assign a copyright.

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My dream is to help small businesses, startups, shopkeepers, and entrepreneurs just like you. Let’s work together to answer your business & legal questions.

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