Work Full-Time, Prioritize Family, and Start a Business: Your Business Startup Tips

Starting a business while managing family responsibilities and a full-time job may seem tough. And it is!


  1. Your job takes 80 hours a week
  2. Your family commitments take 4 hours – at a minimum!
  3. Your sleep is 40 hours during the work week, IF your lucky
  4. Your prep for work days is around 14 hours
  5. Your driving time is around 5+ hours

…You’ve already spent 143 hours in a 120 hour work week!


Meet a woman who found the secret to starting a business while working a full-time job and maintaining a busy family life – Melissa Burkheimer, renowned entrepreneur in brand design and strategy. Recently celebrating 12 years of running her business full-time, Melissa has become an inspiration for many, including Attorney Matthew Nuzum.

A Guide to Business Startups

At the start of her business, Melissa built a team, grew financially stable, and worked for her business 28-32 hours a week while working a full-time job and balancing family responsibilities.

Want to know how? Discover how to overcome challenges, streamline your business development, and find balance with responsibilities. Melissa’s experience and wisdom are a guide to turning your dreams into a thriving business.

1. Meticulous Planning is Key

Melissa strongly urges entrepreneurs to develop a solid plan. She especially advises them to break down goals into manageable steps. This helps balance responsibilities as both a parent and a working woman.

2. Use Your Unique Skills

Identify and use your unique skills. Melissa encourages entrepreneurs to utilize their strengths in the best way. This streamlines the business development process. It will also foster confidence and passion for the venture.

For example, if you are good with numbers, consider how you can use that to build a financially lucrative business. If not, get help. Or if you’re good at PR, then make sure that you are with people. Again, if you’re not, you will need to find people who are. Simply put, use your skills to the fullest when starting a business. 

3. Set Realistic Short-Term Goals

Balancing family, work, and entrepreneurship requires prioritization. Melissa suggests setting realistic short-term business goals that align with long-term visions. Breaking down the journey into achievable milestones helps manage the workload without feeling overwhelmed or neglecting your family.

4. Seek Support and Delegate

Just because you want to start your own business, doesn’t mean you have to do it all alone. Acquire the assistance and support of the people who share in your vision and goals, whether loved ones, colleagues, or business experts. Working with a team not only helps the startup launch, grow, and winmore smoothly – and quickly – but also enables you to build a strong community of support. You’re going to need it all along the journey!

5. Embrace Flexibility and Adaptability

Flexibility is crucial when navigating the complexities of entrepreneurship. Melissa encourages entrepreneurs to remain adaptable, adjusting plans as needed. This is a key tactic Matthew Nuzum uses in his own business as well. Acknowledge that unexpected challenges or better options may arise, and pivot.

Because of Melissa’s resilience and strategic approach, she achieved consistent business success in only nine months from startup. 

6. Building a Safety Net

You need a safety net in business! This means having an “ option B plan”, saving, and making sure your business is protected from unneeded risks. Having a safety net allows entrepreneurs to navigate uncertainties with greater confidence, knowing their business is positioned to surge without risk of undo legal trouble.

7. Thinking Beyond Initial Expectations

Melissa encourages entrepreneurs to think beyond their expectations and trust their gut. If you believe you can do it, you probably can. But if you doubt yourself, it’s tough to make a business last. Having confidence in yourself and taking the first step is super important for making your business work in the long run.

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From Challenges to Success

In conclusion, Melissa’s advice is a helpful guide for aspiring entrepreneurs. It gives practical insights to overcome challenges and turn your aspirations into a successful business.

Remember, when you set realistic goals, leverage your unique skills, seek support, and embrace adaptability, you can navigate the initial stages of entrepreneurship with confidence and purpose.

You can learn more about Melissa on her website.

P.S. How to Win in Business Faster

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