Caring about Small Businesses – Entrepreneurship in Our Genes

Why do we on the Iowa Business Lawyer team care so much about small businesses? Well, small business ownership is in Attorney Matt Nuzum’s genes.

Parents play a huge role in their children’s lives, and although no parent is perfect, they influence us in many different ways. In business, a parent can demonstrate upstanding morals, financial honesty, care for people over getting rich quickly, and diligence in work ethic. These simple business skills are often caught more than taught. In addition, the statistics show that most parents do want the best for their children and their careers. According to Pew Research, 88% of American parents are concerned that their children have financial independence and enjoy the careers they pursue. Parents influence their children’s careers.

Robert Sr. and Billy Nuzum are no exception. The two entrepreneurial parents showed young Matthew Nuzum how to work with character and financial wisdom that has helped him in many business ventures over his lifetime. Because of their continuing influence, Matt and his parents were honored to be featured in the Ankeny Living Magazine in March 2023 as an “Entrepreneurial Family”.

In the beginning, Matt’s dad played a key role in Jr. Nuzum’s future business success by introducing him to entrepreneurship done well. Nuzum’s dad gave Matt the gift of hard work and financial skills starting from a young age. As  “a serial entrepreneur” himself, Robert Nuzum Sr. operated a couple swimming pool concession stands, and Matt was not left out of these pursuits. Impressively, Nuzum explains in the article, “I worked with him when I was 13 until I went to college, mostly handling money. I was good with math, and he trusted me.”

As he continued learning business skills and entrepreneurial practices, Nuzum Sr. gave Matt charge of his concession at a swimming pool in West Des Moines. “Nuzum ran that concession stand for him, starting when he was 16.”

Eventually, Matt started out on his own and started his first business before leaving high school. Not long afterward, he started another business with a friend doing web design, later moving into a business building apps.

Now, after much work and determination, Matt is helping other small businesses build their own success.

In retrospect, Matt reflected in the article about the benefits of his dad’s influence on his business life, “My dad encouraged me by helping me understand what it looks like behind the scenes of a small business. He also gave a ton of practical advice about things like pricing, profit, hiring good people, and putting in the extra time needed to be successful.”

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We on the Iowa Business Lawyer team care about small businesses because small business ownership is in Attorney Matt Nuzum’s genes.

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