How to pick a trademark name for my business

What is your business named? Do you have it registered as a trademark?

All businesses that are going nationwide need a trademark. It defends your business against stolen branding. However, picking a trademarkable name for your business can be a challenge.

Here are some tips for picking a defendable name:

» Hunt for available names on search engines

» Check for trademarks and domain availability on the USPTO

» Choose a unique and distinct name

You can DIY your trademark name, but doing everything yourself can cost you time, money, and mistakes. The process is extensive.

That’s why we’re here. We help you find a name fast so your business is defended without the added worry, time, and money.

We make the process clear and simple with upfront pricing and easy-to-use instructions. And we have the know-how to legally get your name found, submitted, and registered FAST.

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