Free Event – Biennial Report Help 2023

Free help for Iowa LLC owners—every other year you have to file a biennial report. If you’d like help, join this meeting and I’ll walk you through it. The process takes 10 min or less, so no need to stay on for the whole meeting. However, you are welcome to chat and say hi! Note: The state of Iowa charges a fee to file the biennial report. This will be paid directly to the state when you file you report.

Stay compliant – file your report!

If you do not file your biennial report, the state will dissolve your LLC. To re-activate your business, there will be a penalty. It’s quick and easy, though, so just file it.

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Friday, February 3rd at 12:00 noon

Monday, February 6th at 5:00 pm

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If you can’t make either event, let us know and we’ll send you a video of the recording.

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Why is the Biennial Report Important?

The state wants to make sure that the public information about your business stays up-to-date. For many businesses, the process is simple as logging into the website, viewing the business information, checking a box that it’s correct, and then making a payment.

If you do not do this, the Secretary of State will dissolve your business, which removes the legal protections of your LLC. You can re-instate your business by paying a penalty and updating your information with the state, but it’s best to simply handle it before it gets that far.

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