How to find a business to buy?

You’re ready. You want to jump right into an operating business, and keep it running – even improve it. You DON’T want to launch a business from scratch. So where do you look for a business to buy?

Should you buy a business online?

A lot of people turn to the internet first. Can you buy a business online? Yes. But there are at least four other options available.

How to find a business to buy – four options

  1. Consult with your attorney, accountant, realtor, or marketing firm. They often have inside knowledge about businesses that are prepping to sell and those that are on the market now.
  2. Use websites like BuySell or LoopNet as a resource.
  3. Hire a broker for professional help. CAUTION: talk to your accountant or attorney before hiring a broker! Some brokers aren’t as honest as others.
  4. Leverage social media and your network. There are many Facebook groups and local resources you can use to find businesses for sale. Here’s a Facebook group you can use.

Take action

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